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The Sales PRO Method™ can help you:

Find Qualified Prospects

Learn to qualify prospects quickly so you’re not wasting time on prospects that are unlikely to buy.

Increase Closing Rates

Use proven process for leading customers to a natural close without resorting to high-pressure sales techniques.

Maximize Referrals

Build a book of business that drives year-over-year growth in your commissions from referrals and repeat business.

OUR approach

Why The Sales PRO Method™ works

A true sales professionals performs at a higher level than their peers with a higher level of consistency, produce more and against greater levels of adversity.

Developed by Deric Millis, The Sales PRO Method™ is a unique approach to ethical selling and persuasion that has been implemented successfully in multiple industries including high-ticket B2C, solar, healthcare, business services, and hospitality.

about us

Meet Deric Millis

Born and raised in Yuma, Arizona, Deric Millis began his career in sales immediately after graduating high school. What he initially thought would be a temporary job ended up being the beginning of a rewarding career in sales. Over the course of 15 years, Deric has worked as a sales rep, Regional Sales Manager, and Corporate Sales Trainer.

Through content, coaching, and sales training workshops, Deric has shared this method with hundreds of sales managers and sales professionals throughout Arizona and Southern California - helping them to close more deals and increase their profits in the process.


What others say about The Sales PRO Method™

Not your average sales training. Deric takes you through the process of the why behind it. There’s a right way to do things and Deric teaches these in depth. Great way to spend your time to anyone looking to grow in this area.

Luis Vizcaino


It is awesome to learn from the person that has done it before. Product knowledge is not the only thing you need to know when talking to a potential client and or prospect. If you are looking for the right words to use to be able to communicate to your future client, look no further thank Deric Millis.

Anibal Tafoya


As the business owner most sales-related tasks fall on my shoulders. With Deric's help, I hope to have my team feel confident about having a systematic process to offer what we do with anyone they meet who may need our help. It's not about "SELLING" it's about sharing what we do with the people who need our help so we can help them become more successful. And, that's what Deric brings to the table!

Matt Molenar

president, mgm design

Deric has years of sales knowledge in multiple fields. He brings community experience and know-how to the company that isn’t simply a churn-and-burn sales force. If you want actual strategy, if you want real people able to consult with real people and businesses, The Sales PRO Method training has all the tools to be highly motivated, effective, and happy in whatever industry your sales force is in.

John Hessinger


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